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100 Lunges Challenge

100 Lunges Challenge

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35 Points for Starting
300 Points for Completing

100 Lunges Challenge

Complete 100 lunges in a row without stopping while maintaining flawless form.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

100 Lunges Challenge Additional Information

Trying to do 100 lunges might sound crazy, but it’s an excellent goal to work towards. Without the word marathon in front of it, people would think that running over 20 miles without stopping is crazy, too, yet people do it every day.

To accomplish performing 100 lunges without stopping, you will need to do some training. This isn’t something that is going to happen overnight, so get ready for some endurance training.

Lunges take an extreme amount of strength from the calves, glutes and thighs. You must not only be strong but well trained in order to do 100 of them consecutively. You may find these challenges at a local gym, an Iron-Man competition or just to up your personal best. If you want your name on a chart at the gym, though, you need to be able to back up your claims.

First, you need to know the right way to lunge. Stand up straight and separate your feet so they are as far apart as the width of your shoulders. Now, step forward with one foot, landing with your heel on the floor first. Lean in so that your knee is at a 90 degree angle right above your ankle. Continue with the motion until your back leg is almost touching the ground. Push up with your front leg so that you resume your original position. Now repeat the entire exercise but step forward with the opposite foot.

Remember, one repetition requires one lunge with the right leg forward, and one lunge with the left leg forward. Make sure you do not count each individual lunge forward as a rep. Each lunge is only half of the rep!

Right before you get started, warm up your muscles. Do some toe touches, jog in place and hydrate yourself with a bottle of cool (not cold) water. Don’t drink so much that your bladder is going to mess up your consecutive count, though.

100 Lunges Challenge is designed to show how strong you are. Once you are able to complete all 100 in a single session, you have proven that you can do anything. Now you can find a new challenge to keep you in pristine shape.

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100 Lunges Challenge Recent Activity

Lectrichead logged a workout for 10/25/2014 (view advanced workout stats), lifted --- poundsPRO, did --- miles of cardioPRO, burned --- caloriesPRO, and scored 1,326 points:
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Bronnie Online posted a new progress photo

This isn't a progress photo, but we finished of our training with this yesterday. I am third row up in the middle (white top)

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Bronnie There you go BT a photo of our pyramid from yesterdays training session.


BT Nice! Looks like a fun group.

Lectrichead logged a workout for 10/25/2014 (view advanced workout stats), lifted --- poundsPRO, did --- miles of cardioPRO, burned --- caloriesPRO, and scored 1,802 points:
Lectrichead entered a weight of 166 pounds on 2014-10-25
Lectrichead slept 8.18 hours on 2014-10-25
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