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150 Crunches Challenge

150 Crunches Challenge

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35 Points for Starting
300 Points for Completing

150 Crunches Challenge

Complete 150 crunches without stopping while incorporating flawless form. 

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

150 Crunches Challenge Additional Information

Knowing how to complete difficult repetitive exercises is based around two vastly important tenets of repetition; proper form, and muscle memorization. Choosing to not adhere to these tenets can result in poor form leading to injury, and a misunderstanding of muscle memorization principles leading to an ever-increasing slope of difficulty. This difficulty can result in no amount of abdominal strength can smoothing it out.

Proper form when performing crunches will be based on the standard crunch, with feet flat on the floor. To fully isolate the abs, and to protect the neck during multiple repetitions, the hands must be held into fists, and placed beneath the chin. This simple step will prevent the neck from bending during the crunch, and will also prevent any assistance from the upper body.

Proper form doesn't end at your neck, however, and extends all the way to your toes. A brace or support for the feet should not be used while doing the 150 crunch challenge, as it allows for cheating when the upper hip flexion and hamstring muscles are brought in.

If all else should fail, pay attention to your body. A well-performed exercise should never cause tingling, or numbing sensations, and should lead to soreness in only relevant muscle groups.

No amount of form will assist you in completing 150 crunches back to back if you cannot understand and apply the principles of muscle memorization, however.

Few realize that the modern approach to exercise, and weight lifting specifically, of 'perform until failure', adapts incredibly poorly when a new repetition maximum or weight is approached as a goal. Increasing the amount of crunches one can perform requires that repetitions be stopped a few reps short of failure, and that proper muscle contraction occurs at peak performance.

Controlling muscle contraction by flexing as many muscles as possible when performing at peak level is a well kept secret for pushing past difficult to overcome plateaus. Otherwise, perform crunches in a controlled, relaxed manner, and never go until you can't continue. Failing to complete repetitions causes the body to grow accustomed to muscle failure, which can doom attempts to push past a repetition plateau.

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150 Crunches Challenge Recent Activity

JohnnyZamora logged a workout for 03/01/2015 (view advanced workout stats), lifted --- poundsPRO, did --- miles of cardioPRO, burned --- caloriesPRO, and scored 2,772 points:
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press  
    • 10 reps x 120 lbs (+133 points)
    • 10 reps x 140 lbs (+155 points)
    • 8 reps x 160 lbs (+146 points)
    • 6 reps x 160 lbs (+114 points)
    • 5 reps x 160 lbs (+98 points)
    • 4 reps x 160 lbs (+82 points)
    • 9 reps x 120 lbs (+121 points)
  • Dumbbell Fly  
    • 10 reps x 80 lbs (+88 points)
    • 10 reps x 60 lbs (+66 points)
    • 10 reps x 60 lbs (+66 points)
    • 10 reps x 60 lbs (+66 points)
  • Ab Roller  
    • 25 reps (+160 points)
    • 25 reps (+160 points)
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