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50 lb Weight Loss Challenge

50 lb Weight Loss Challenge

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35 Points for Starting
300 Points for Completing

50 lb Weight Loss Challenge

Lose weight of 50 lbs. Over any time period.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

50 lb Weight Loss Challenge Additional Information

Choosing to lose a significant amount of weight can be a challenging yet rewarding and even life-changing decision. Embarking on the 50 lb weight loss challenge means creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself that will continue into the future. Unfortunately, many people may be intimidated by the thought of losing 50 pounds. Indeed, it does seem like a radical change! However, through focusing on achievable and sustainable changes that can be made to daily living will ensure growth and success on the journey.

Losing weight is as much mental as it is physical. Your mindset going into the 50 lb weight loss challenge will determine your ability to succeed. It is important to find motivation that will push you to keep going each day. First, determine how the weight loss will make your life better. Focus on how it will improve your health and your ability to spend time with the people who are important to you. For many, weight loss will lead to better job performance and increased opportunity to lead a full and active life. Family can also be a powerful motivator; think of how losing weight will benefit them.

When it comes to weight loss, many people try extreme diets that they cannot maintain over a long period of time. Instead of focusing on losing weight fast make small changes that you can imagine doing throughout your entire life. For example, vowing to stop eating all desserts is an extreme change that will likely not be sustained for very long. Instead, make a goal like adding a serving of fruits or vegetables to each meal.

This same principle applies to exercise. If you start out doing too much, your body will tire. Start with the goal of walking for fifteen minutes a day and then increase this as you become healthier and more able to handle a more strenuous program.

Losing 50 pounds can lead to a lifestyle change. To succeed focus on making healthy decisions that can be maintained for a lifetime.

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50 lb Weight Loss Challenge Recent Activity

Lectrichead entered a weight of 165 pounds on 2015-05-22
Mac2156 Pro logo logged a workout for 05/22/2015 (view advanced workout stats), lifted 4,176 lbs, did 0.00 miles of cardio, burned 143 calories, and scored 624 points:
  • Military Press  
    • 10 reps x 64 lbs (+70 points)
    • 10 reps x 84 lbs (+93 points)
    • 10 reps x 93 lbs (+103 points)
  • Floor Shoulder Press  
    • 10 reps (+5 points)
    • 10 reps (+5 points)
    • 10 reps (+5 points)
11 hours ago via Android app | Content Log this Workout Pro logo | Highfive 12 (0) High Five | Comment 12 (0) Comment | Facebook 12
Lectrichead walked 16,024 steps on 2015-05-21
Lectrichead logged a workout for 05/21/2015 (view advanced workout stats), lifted --- poundsPRO, did --- miles of cardioPRO, burned --- caloriesPRO, and scored 392 points:
  • Cardio  
    • 3.34 mi - 00:37:51 (+355 points)
Lectrichead logged a workout for 05/21/2015 (view advanced workout stats), lifted --- poundsPRO, did --- miles of cardioPRO, burned --- caloriesPRO, and scored 655 points:
  • Cardio  
    • 3.56 mi - 00:24:38 (+618 points)
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50 lb Weight Loss Challenge Discussions

schonensherz : I've lost a total of 70lbs since May '11. From 220 to 150, a weight I've not been at since middle school, and couldn't reach while in the army. I didn't changeuch of my diet, just went to smaller portions, no soda, and lots of mountain/outdoor adventuring. I feel so much better for it!


JohnOhman That is awesome! Keep it up.