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50 Sit-Ups Challenge

50 Sit-Ups Challenge

94 Competitors / 66 Champs / Intermediate
35 Points for Starting
200 Points for Completing

50 Sit-Ups Challenge

Complete 50 sit-ups in a row without stopping while keeping perfect form.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

50 Sit-Ups Challenge Additional Information

Successful completion of the challenge involves doing 50 full sit-ups without stopping. Technique is very important, and the following are some helpful hints. 

Begin by lying on the ground with knees up and feet flat on the floor. The best place to have your hands is behind your head in a locked position or to your side flat on the ground. If unable to keep your feet flat on the ground yourself, someone can help hold them. Letting your feet leave the ground will throw off your balance. 

The key to a successful sit-up is isolating the abdominal muscles and making them contract. Begin the exercise by raising your upper body in a curling motion until you feel tension in your stomach. Gently lower your upper body to the floor again, and your head should be last in touching the floor. Repeat the process. 

It is a common misconception that if sit-ups are done abruptly or in a quick motion, more calories will be burned. If done this way, you can easily lose balance and your form will totally be thrown off. A lot of back injuries or pulled muscles occur because they may not understand the correct technique for doing a sit-up. Doing a sit-up in a fast or haphazard motion will only create unncessary muscle strain and extra work for yourself. 

It is a good idea to slowly build up repetitions daily, instead of attempting 50 sit-ups the second day. Allow your muscles to adjust and attempt the challenge only when you think you're good and ready. 

Okay, you think now you have what it takes to complete the 50 sit-up challenge? As you can see, sit-ups are an effective way to strengthen abdominal muscles and shed excess belly fat. Long thought of as an easy exercise, it is easy to see now why most people don't know the proper way to complete a sit-up. 

These are the essential steps in completing sit-ups. Follow these procedures; pay attention to your diet, and you will be able to brag about completing the 50 sit-up challenge.

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AdamRC Pro logo walked 9,207 steps on 2015-07-27
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