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Browse the List of Agility Ladder Exercises!

Check out the list of 24 free agility ladder exercises below! Find men's agility ladder exercises and women's agility ladder exercises that target each of the major muscle groups. Agility Ladder exercises for abs, agility ladder exercises for chest, agility ladder exercises for legs, agility ladder exercises for back, shoulders, triceps, biceps - you name it! Be sure to also check out the A-Z exercise finder and the workout plan finder to find the best agility ladder exercises and the best agility ladder workout plans!
Name Primary Muscle Group Difficulty Popularity (All Exercises)
Agility Ladder In-Out Drill Quads Beginner 1,196
Agility Ladder One-Leg Drill Outer Thighs Beginner 1,306
Agility Ladder High Knee Crossover Quads Intermediate 2,098
Agility Ladder Two Foot Run Through Calves Beginner 1,722
Agility Ladder Slalom Calves Intermediate 1,650
Agility Ladder Side Slide Calves Intermediate 1,629
Agility Ladder Side Slide with Base Calves Intermediate 2,098
Agility Ladder Short Skip High Knee Calves Intermediate 1,693
Agility Ladder Scissor Calves Intermediate 1,548
Agility Ladder Run Through Calves Intermediate 1,383
Agility Ladder Reverse Icky Shuffle Calves Intermediate 2,137
Agility Ladder Machine Gun Calves Intermediate 1,781
Agility Ladder Single-Leg Lateral Hop Calves Intermediate 1,522
Agility Ladder Karaoke Calves Expert 1,617
Agility Ladder In-Out Over Calves Expert 2,066
Agility Ladder Icky Shuffle Calves Intermediate 1,336
Agility Ladder Lateral Icky Shuffle Calves Expert 1,605
Agility Ladder Hopscotch Calves Intermediate 1,548
Agility Ladder Hop Turn Calves Expert 1,605
Agility Ladder High Knee Run Calves Beginner 1,152