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Browse the List of Perfect Pushup Exercises!

Check out the list of 16 free perfect pushup exercises below! Find men's perfect pushup exercises and women's perfect pushup exercises that target each of the major muscle groups. Perfect Pushup exercises for abs, perfect pushup exercises for chest, perfect pushup exercises for legs, perfect pushup exercises for back, shoulders, triceps, biceps - you name it! Be sure to also check out the A-Z exercise finder and the workout plan finder to find the best perfect pushup exercises and the best perfect pushup workout plans!

The Perfect Pushup is a tool that helps to isolate specific muscles chest, shoulders, and triceps mainly. It increases the difficulty of a regular push up as well as other exercises.

Name Primary Muscle Group Difficulty Popularity (All Exercises)
Perfect Push-Up Dip Triceps Intermediate 1,023
Perfect Push-Up Incline Chest Intermediate 2,095
Perfect Push-Up Mountain Climber Abs Intermediate 2,372
Perfect Push-Up Power Punch Chest Intermediate 1,351
Perfect Push-Up One-Arm Assisted Chest Expert 2,188
Perfect Push-Up Double Wide Chest Intermediate 1,640
Perfect Push-Up Shoulder Press Shoulders Intermediate 1,504
Perfect Push-Up Dive Bomber Shoulders Expert 1,859
Perfect Push-Up Standard Position Chest Intermediate 946
Perfect Push-Up Close-Grip Slow Chest Intermediate 2,168
Perfect Push-Up Wide-Grip Slow Chest Intermediate 1,892
Perfect Push-Up Standard Position Slow Chest Intermediate 2,211
Perfect Push-Up Arm Sweeper Shoulders Intermediate --
Perfect Push-Up Tricep Kickback Triceps Intermediate 2,074
Perfect Push-Up Burpee Chest Expert 2,672
Perfect Push-Up Decline Chest Intermediate 2,446