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Browse the List of Smith Machine Exercises!

Check out the list of 35 free smith machine exercises below! Find men's smith machine exercises and women's smith machine exercises that target each of the major muscle groups. Smith Machine exercises for abs, smith machine exercises for chest, smith machine exercises for legs, smith machine exercises for back, shoulders, triceps, biceps - you name it! Be sure to also check out the A-Z exercise finder and the workout plan finder to find the best smith machine exercises and the best smith machine workout plans!
Name Primary Muscle Group Difficulty Popularity (All Exercises)
Seated Barbell Calf Raise Calves Beginner 408
Shrug Traps Beginner 45
Behind Back Shrug Traps Beginner 449
Smith Machine Incline Shoulder Raise Shoulders Beginner 1,256
Smith Machine Bench Press Chest Beginner 323
Smith Machine Bent-Over Row Middle Back Beginner 674
Close-Grip Smith Machine Bench Press Triceps Beginner 522
Incline Smith Machine Bench Press Chest Beginner 413
Smith Machine Military Press Shoulders Beginner 564
Smith Machine Reverse Calf Raise Calves Beginner 800
Smith Machine Shrug Traps Beginner 385
Smith Machine Squat Quads Beginner 326
Smith Machine Stiff-Legged Deadlift Hamstrings Beginner 1,105
Smith Machine Upright Row Shoulders Beginner 690
Elevated Feet Inverted Row Traps Intermediate 804
Inverted Row Traps Intermediate 184
Lateral Duck Under Quads Beginner 1,442
Single-Arm Inverted Row Lats Expert 1,613
Weighted Inverted Row Lats Intermediate 1,039
Smith Machine Throw Chest Expert 2,048