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Browse the List of Weight Plates Exercises!

Check out the list of 58 free weight plates exercises below! Find men's weight plates exercises and women's weight plates exercises that target each of the major muscle groups. Weight Plates exercises for abs, weight plates exercises for chest, weight plates exercises for legs, weight plates exercises for back, shoulders, triceps, biceps - you name it! Be sure to also check out the A-Z exercise finder and the workout plan finder to find the best weight plates exercises and the best weight plates workout plans!
Name Primary Muscle Group Difficulty Popularity (All Exercises)
Dumbbell Arm Circles Shoulders Very Easy 234
Swiss Ball Front Plate Raise Shoulders Expert 2,478
Overhead Plate Press Abs Beginner 342
Forearm Plate Pinch Forearms Intermediate 1,273
Ab Plate Twist Abs Intermediate 53
Reverse Plate Curl Biceps Intermediate 1,692
Seated Machine Calf Raise Calves Beginner 65
Olympic Plate Hand Squeeze Forearms Beginner 2,228
Braced Squat Quads Beginner 887
Swiss Ball Side Bend Obliques Intermediate 1,037
Weight Plate Bench Dip Triceps Intermediate 313
Weight Plate Sissy Squat Quads Expert 2,228
Dip Belt Squat Quads Intermediate 2,391
Lying Face-Down Plate Neck Resistance Neck Intermediate 1,406
Plate Pinch Curl Forearms Beginner 1,426
Standing Barbell Calf Raise Calves Beginner 92
Weighted Crunch Abs Intermediate 169
Weighted Glute Bridge Glutes Intermediate 364
Weighted Inverted Row Lats Intermediate 1,039
Straight-Leg Deadlift Hamstrings Intermediate 153