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Browse the List of Weighted Vest Exercises!

Check out the list of 6 free weighted vest exercises below! Find men's weighted vest exercises and women's weighted vest exercises that target each of the major muscle groups. Weighted Vest exercises for abs, weighted vest exercises for chest, weighted vest exercises for legs, weighted vest exercises for back, shoulders, triceps, biceps - you name it! Be sure to also check out the A-Z exercise finder and the workout plan finder to find the best weighted vest exercises and the best weighted vest workout plans!

A weighted vest is used to add more weight to a body weight exercise. This increases the difficulty and make the lifter stronger.

Name Primary Muscle Group Difficulty Popularity (All Exercises)
Weighted Ring Push-Up Chest Expert 2,095
Weighted Hill Sprint Quads Intermediate 2,607
Weighted Sand Hill Sprint Calves Expert 3,306
Weighted Decline Push-Up Chest Intermediate 2,168
Weighted Incline Push-Up Chest Intermediate 2,743
Weighted Single-Arm Inverted Row Middle Back Intermediate 3,306