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Can women take nitric oxide supplements?

Some health supplements should not be used by women, but nitric oxide is not one of them.

Although many male enhancement supplements list ingredients such as nitric oxide, there is no scientific evidence that suggests that this nitric oxide is dangerous for women.

Nitric oxide can be used by both women and men in the same exact dosages.

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Women that want to lose weight and improve strength can use nitric oxide without fear of becoming too bulked up.

Since women typically do not produce large amounts of testosterone, it would be difficult for them to develop large muscles. 

They would have to severely restrict their fat intake and simultaneously participate in a rigorous weightlifting routine.

What other supplements can women take safely?

It is important to distinguish between supplements that are safe for pregnant and nursing women versus supplements that might be dangerous for all women, regardless of age or other factors. Supplements such as folic acid and calcium are not only safe for pregnant women, but they are also highly recommended.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women need higher amounts of many essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Although men and women have slightly different dietary needs, they need virtually all of the same types of nutrients in order to maintain proper health.

Multi-vitamins, creatine and protein supplements are just some of the many health supplements that can safely be taken by women. With the exception of a few supplements that contain phyto testosterone, women can take the same supplements as men. Some supplements may include different dosage instructions for men and women.

Are there any supplements that are dangerous to women?

Before various online health publications like WebMD announced that women over the age of 50 could safely take calcium supplements, many assumed that it was a dangerous supplement for older women. As people get older, the bones become more porous and brittle, which can lead to fractures. Ideally, calcium intake should be at its peak during adolescence, but taking calcium supplements can help the bones to remain healthy.

Some supplements should be avoided by women, not because they are dangerous, but because they can cause gender specific side effects. Supplements like maca root should be avoided if you are taking estrogen or on birth control. Maca root can cause hormonal changes in women, potentially rendering birth control pills useless.

How much nitric oxide can women take?

Nitric oxide supplements can be taken by men and women without requiring any changes in dosage amounts. Because nitric oxide helps most users to achieve larger and stronger muscles, some women may want to discontinue nitric oxide usage if they surpass their desired muscle development goals.

Women are able to take nitric oxide for years at a time with no breaks and still remain healthy. Although women can generally take nitric oxide with no problems, anyone that has experienced negative side effects will need to stop taking it.

Does nitric oxide work differently in women?

Nitric oxide will not produce the same exact results in women as it does in men. This is not because this supplement is metabolized any different in either gender, but because men are biologically designed to develop and maintain more muscle.

Men will also experience faster fat loss with nitric oxide than women. Some women choose to increase their nitric oxide dosages in order to feel the effects more rapidly. They may expose themselves to the risk of overdose.

Generally, men benefit more greatly from the use of all supplements because their bodies are not inclined to carry much body fat when compared to women. Men are also able to lose weight more easily through relatively small changes in their exercise and eating habits.

How safe are nitric oxide supplements?

Although prescription drug manufacturers are closely regulated by the FDA, supplement makers find it easier to get their products on the market. Nitric oxide is sold by many different manufacturers, so it is not possible to say how safe this supplement is.

Some nitric oxide supplements are more pure than others while other brands are made in labs that are more hygienic than others. It is imperative that you seek out only the most reputable manufacturers before taking any type of supplement.

The cost of a supplement often has little to do with the process and facilities that were used to produce it. You should speak to a dietician that has experience with health supplements if you want to find the best nitric oxide brand.

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