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Do nitric oxide supplements help ED?

There may be hundreds of websites dedicated to supporting the effectiveness of nitric oxide for erectile dysfunction. 

However, there is no medical evidence that suggests this supplement is a good treatment.

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that occurs only in men.

Some sufferers have been mistakenly made to believe that erectile dysfunction can be cured with nitric oxide supplements.

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Nitric oxide is a fairly safe supplement that has given many people great results when it comes to building muscle.

Nitric oxide usually makes users feel more energized and capable of working out  longer.

More specifically, nitric oxide has a major impact on the way that blood flows through major arteries and veins.

Men that have erectile dysfunction are not able to get as much blood to flow to their genital region as they would like to. Nitric oxide supplements will not help them to main erections effectively.

Can you take nitric oxide supplements if you take medication for ED?

Prescription drugs manufactured to treat erectile dysfunction are not effective in all patients. Some men believe that stacking male enhancement supplements with prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction can help them to alleviate their symptoms altogether.

This is discouraged because it can lead to dangerous complications. Also, supplements such as nitric oxide can counteract the effectiveness of erectile dysfunction medications.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

The National Health Information Center has been able to prove that at least some cases of erectile dysfunction stem from poor sleeping patterns. Although the National Health Information Center's findings did not determine the root cause of erectile dysfunction, it did help to draw an even larger connection between sexual health and mental well being.

The most common reason that erectile dysfunction occurs when a different part starts to malfunction or a major disease is developed. This can include heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other illnesses. WebMD also lists depression and severe psychological disorders as a possible cause of erectile dysfunction.

Can nitric oxide make ED worse?

There is no information available that indicates that nitric oxide could possibly worsen erectile dysfunction symptoms. Some men that do not suffer from erectile dysfunction have reported improvement in their sexual health after consuming nitric oxide, but no major health studies have confirmed this.

If nitric oxide is taken with Viagra or Cialis, erectile dysfunction sufferers may encounter side effects that could make their illnesses worse. Nitric oxide can cause users to have low blood pressure. Low blood pressure is one of the medical conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction to develop in the first place.

Can erectile dysfunction be cured?

Erectile dysfunction can manifest unexpectedly, but it can also take years before some patients become aware that they may have a problem. If the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological in nature, intensive therapy as well as depression medications can cause this illness to be reversed nearly instantaneously.

Severe cases of erectile dysfunction that are a result of physical medical issues may be treated effectively, but they might not be able to be cured. Medications for erectile dysfunction should not be thought of as a cure. While medication for erectile dysfunction can greatly relieve the symptoms, drugs must be taken continuously in order for patients to get consistent results. 

Can any supplement help ED?

There is no known health supplement that can relieve erectile dysfunction symptoms. However, sufferers of this disorder can use supplements in an effort to lose weight, lower their cholesterol or treat their depression.

Since many of these illnesses can cause erectile dysfunction, it is possible to treat ED indirectly with the use of dietary supplements. Medical professionals recommend erectile dysfunction sufferers to use prescription drugs in combination with more responsible lifestyle changes in order to get the best results.

Some doctors believe that most cases of erectile dysfunction can be treated or completely cured through healthy lifestyle choices. If someone with high cholesterol starts to experience erectile dysfunction symptoms shortly after being diagnosed, developing healthier eating habits might help his symptoms to improve substantially.

Health supplements used to improve health should not be confused with male enhancement concoctions that have not been proven to do anything to treat erectile dysfunction. Because physicians are not always able to pinpoint the cause of individual cases of erectile dysfunction, it is not possible to treat this illness with health supplements alone.

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