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How can you exercise on a small trampoline?

You can exercise on a small trampoline by using various exercises ranging from basic rebounding to knee raises and abdominal twists.

You can do a complete exercise routine on a small trampoline, including your warm up and cool down sessions.

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As with any workout routine it is best to consult with a doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

It is also important to begin any workout routine with warm up exercises and end your activity with cool down exercises.

Oftentimes you can use the same exercises for your warm up and for your cool down.

Gentle stretching is also important and can help with flexibility.

While you can do these types of exercises on the floor, you can also do some of them on your small trampoline.

How do you do warm up and cool down exercises on a small trampoline?

You can do a variety of exercises to warm up and cool down on a small trampoline. The first thing to do when you get on the exercise trampoline is to get used to the feel of the bounce. Keep your knees bent and gently bounce up and down without actually letting your feet leave the trampoline.

Start with stretching exercises to limber up your muscles. You can do some stretching exercises on the floor, but you can also do stretches on the trampoline. If you are first starting out with an exercise trampoline, do stretches on the floor until you are comfortable balancing on the trampoline.

On an exercise trampoline you can do a variety of warm up and cool down exercises, such as side to side toe taps and hamstring curls. Keep your hands on your waist or out to the sides for balance. You can also jog in place on the trampoline to warm up.

How can exercises on a small trampoline be beneficial?

Rebounding is one of the best forms of exercise. One of its greatest advantages is that it helps your lymphatic system. By jumping or doing other physical exercise you encourage the lymph fluid to travel throughout your body. Since the primary lymph vessels run vertically, jumping vertically is a great way to pump the fluid.

Another reason exercising on a small trampoline is beneficial is because it is easier on your joints. Instead of slapping your feet down on hard concrete while running, your feet land on the trampoline, which has some give to it.

Of course, the more you get used to exercising on a small trampoline, the more benefit you will get from it. You can increase the intensity of your rebounding so that you burn more calories and fat. You can also start adding lots of different trampoline exercises to incorporate major muscle activity as well.

On a trampoline you can exercise your entire body. Knee raises can benefit your quads and your hip flexors as well as your abdominals. Jumping jacks work the muscles along the spine, your calf muscles, and your biceps and triceps

The more variety you put into your small trampoline exercises, the better overall full body workout you can get. Just remember to start small and increase your activity level as you gain experience on the trampoline. Follow all trampoline safety guidelines to reduce the risk of injury.

How do you buy a small trampoline for exercise?

When it comes to small trampolines for exercise, there are a few different kinds to consider. Although most exercise trampolines are small, approximately three feet in diameter, the first condition you need to consider is the location of your trampoline.

Most trampolines do not need to be large if you are strictly using it for exercise. All of the trampoline exercises can be done from the same center point of the trampoline.

Exercise trampolines have several names, such as fitness trampoline, mini trampoline, and rebounder. They also come in different shapes, ranging from circular and octagonal to rectangular. The circular trampolines tend to be used the most often for single user exercises.

The most important part of the trampoline is the quality. You should try to buy one that has many springs that are at least half a foot long. If you are going to use your exercise trampoline outdoors then you also need to consider getting galvanized steel to avoid rust issues and a mesh bed to allow water to escape.

Once you have your trampoline, take your time and get used to it. Soon you will be rebounding your way to a fitter you. In addition to getting a cardio workout, you also get a major muscle workout. Use the A-Z exercise library now to find exercises you can do on a small trampoline.