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How do I make my own protein powder?

While customizing your own blend of different types protein powders is simple, actually creating creating powdered protein is something altogether different.

If you purchase loose protein powder from bulk distributors you will be able to make as much of your own protein powder as you want.

In order to make protein powder from scratch, you would need access to raw materials as well as a processing plant.

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There are many different recipes that you can use to make your own blend of protein powders.

Alternatively, you can simply buy a large quantity of protein powder so that it will be completely free of fillers.

Some protein powder manufacturers add ingredients that you may not want in your protein powder. However, other manufacturers include various nutrients that are beneficial to your body.

How is protein powder quality measured?

Many people that make their own protein powders do so because they want to consume the purest form of protein possible. You might find that making up your own protein powder mixture also helps to improve the quality of your shakes.

Generally, you will find that many manufacturers only use pure protein powders, however, most also include preservatives that are not always considered to be safe or natural. Because supplements are not regulated by the FDA, unsafe supplements are only pulled from the market after they have been proven to be so.

Since some protein powders include ingredients that are advertised to enhance workout performance, you will need to do your own research. Whey, soy, hemp and the other protein powders included in protein supplements are almost always pure.

What types of protein powders are there available?

The most popular type of protein powder sold now is made with whey. Soy, casein, hemp and plant  based proteins are also available, but they are mostly blended together with whey based protein powders.

Although scientists have not been able to unanimously decide if whey is the best form of protein, nearly every protein supplement includes whey as the main ingredient. Because whey is derivative of cheese, you might have a problem digesting it if you are lactose intolerant.

By making your own protein powder blends, you can include only plant proteins or choose a protein powder mixture that is easy on the stomach. Try buying different types of protein and including them in your homemade protein supplements in varying concentrations to see which ones work the best.

Are there any dangers involved in making your own protein powder?

If your protein powder recipes only include pure protein powder, there is no way that you can cause your body any harm. While you should be careful about the amount of protein that you consume, making protein powder is no more dangerous than buying it directly from a manufacturer.

In fact, since you will know exactly what is going into your protein drinks, you will be able to avoid having allergic reactions. Although making protein powder mixtures is completely safe, you should remember that different kinds of protein have different qualities.

Some protein powders, such as casein, also have extremely high sodium levels. You can pick and choose the types of protein powders that you use for your mixtures by monitoring your results and taking notice of any and all side effects.

How do I know that my protein powder is working?

Ultimately, the best way to tell if a homemade protein powder is working is to keep consuming it. You should know within a few weeks whether or not you need to make any adjustments to your recipe.

If you are concerned that your homemade protein powder blend is not working as efficiently as you expected, you might want to try a few different things. It is best not to compare the results that your received from a store bought brand of protein powder to your mixture.

Unless you have been able to successfully gather all of the same ingredients and then make a protein powder that has the exact same concentration, your results will be different. It is important to use exact measurements and take an amount of protein powder daily that is similar to the amount that you would consume in any other protein supplement.

You might be able to enhance your results be increasing the dosage slightly, but you need to be careful not to overdose on protein. Looking for the best protein powders to use in your homemade shakes? Use the supplement finder to locate and compare products now!