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When should I take creatine monohydrate?

When you take a creatine monohydrate supplement you do need to make sure to take it at the right time. 

This supplement takes a certain amount of time to get into your system, so timing it before a workout is important. 

Determining when to take your creatine monohydrate supplement is a little more complicated.

 It really depends on what kind of creatine you’re taking and whether it is in a powder, gum, liquid, tablet, or capsule form. 

You also want to read the label to see when the manufacturer suggests you use the supplement.

When starting a new supplement or regimen it’s important to do your research. 

Visit the supplement information page to review the most up to date facts. 

Before starting any new supplement it’s important to contact your health care professional, especially if you have any underlying health concerns.

What do scientific studies suggest when taking creatine monohydrate?

Some studies have been done as to when to take creatine monohydrate.

What these studies have found is that when taking the powder form of creatine monohydrate it’s beneficial to take creatine before and after a workout

This way, the creatine is available for your muscles to take up. The exact timing of consuming the powder creatine monohydrate is not critical. 

Taking the powder supplement rather than the other forms is most effective.

It’s better to get the correct servings during each of the two phases. During the first phase, known as the loading phase, you want to split your creatine monohydrate intake into four servings of five grams apiece. These should be taken throughout the day, including one before your workout and another one afterwards. 

During the maintenance phase, you should use the creatine monohydrate as long as you want to see results. Also the servings are only about one tenth of what you were using during the loading phase of your creatine monohydrate usage.

How long does creatine monohydrate stay in your bloodstream?

When you use the powder form of creatine monohydrate, keep in mind that it’s in your blood stream for about one to one and a half hours. This period of time is essential for muscle growth because this is when the creatine is absorbed into your muscles.

When working out keep in mind how long it takes for creatine monohydrate to be ingested and then to be absorbed by muscles. Once ingested it takes about one hour to reach your blood stream and then your muscles. With this knowledge, you can plan your workouts accordingly so that your muscles have the creatine supply they need. 

Also keep in mind that after your workout you should replenish your creatine store by ingesting more creatine supplement. If you take you your creatine at 10am it becomes effective at 11am and will be in your system until 12:30pm. 

Hopefully your workout will only be for an hour, that way you’ll have an extra half hour where your muscles can replenish their creatine supply. You can replenish the store with another serving after your workout as well so that you do not deplete your body of creatine. 

Is creatine beneficial in resistance training?

Studies have reported in the journal Metabolism that alongside resistance training, diet and creatine supplementation total cholesterol levels can be substantially lowered compared to just resistance exercise alone. 

Not only is creatine great for lowering cholesterol, but it is very beneficial with resistance training and other high intensity workouts as well.

When should you stop taking creatine monohydrate?

You can keep taking creatine monohydrate as long as you want to see the benefits of it and as long as you’re working out. There have been several studies out there and none have proven any long term adverse health effects. Creatine monohydrate used properly and in conjunction with regular workouts will do nothing but help you.

Some of the long term side effects from taking creatine appear to be a slight increase in gastronomical upset. These side effects have been shown to be more prominent during the loading phase rather than the maintenance phase.

If you stop taking creatine your muscles will slowly drop down to their normal creatine levels. It will take approximately four to five weeks for this to happen. With or without creatine monohydrate supplementation it’s a good idea to keep up a healthy exercise regimen that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Finding the right exercise routine is important along with keeping your healthy diet high in protein. Find an exercise regimen that fits your lifestyle and goals in our workout plans!