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How much vitamin E should I take?

Vitamin E supplements can be taken orally or topically.

There are different kinds of vitamin E supplements, with some coming from naturally food sources and others being derived from synthetic materials.

When taking vitamin E orally, the daily recommended dosage ranges from 15 to 20 grams for healthy adults.

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You can also get a good amount of vitamin E by eating foods that are rich in this nutrient.

Because vitamin E is an antioxidant, too much or too little of it can have a negative impact on the human body.

Who should take vitamin E supplements?

Virtually anyone can take vitamin E supplements. Children might need to take a multivitamin that vitamin E rather than a separate supplement.

Pregnant women are often encouraged to take a vitamin E supplement, however, taking too much vitamin E can have negative implications.

You can safely take a vitamin E supplement without first consulting with your doctor. If you begin to notice any changes, there is a chance that you are experiencing vitamin E side effects.

Vitamin E deficiency does not occur often, but your doctor can prescribe you a supplement if this is the case.

Can you use Vitamin E on your skin instead of a vitamin supplement?

Vitamin E is found in a large number of creams and lotions designed to improve the appearance of the skin. Some vitamin E will be absorbed into the bloodstream, but a large amount of it will end up being wiped off on your clothing. If you believe that you need to ingest more vitamin E for health reasons, taking it topically probably won't do much good.

You can also use vitamin E gel capsules to spot treat problem areas on your skin. Simply break open a gel capsule with a pin or a pair of scissors and then use the oil to moisturize old scars or soothe bug bites. Vitamin E oil can also be taken instead of a vitamin supplement.

Are there any vitamin E supplement side effects?

Just as it is difficult to become vitamin E deficient, side effects rarely occur. Foods such as avocados, nuts and seeds are rich in vitamin E.

Since many different companies manufacture vitamin E supplements, any side effects that occur might be as a result of an allergy. You can switch brands or try taking a different type of supplement to see if your condition improves.

Some people experience upset stomach when they consume too much vitamin E. When massive quantities of vitamin E are taken for an extended period of time, headache and extreme fatigue can also occur.

Can you overdose on vitamin E supplements?

In order to overdose on vitamin E, a user would have to take an excess of 300 milligrams in a single day. While it is theoretically possible to overdose on vitamin E, there are very few reported cases of this happening.

You can experience negative side effects if you take too much vitamin E, especially if your diet consists of many vitamin E rich roods. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has conducted in depth research on the effects of vitamin E on cardiovascular disease patients.

Where can you buy vitamin E supplements?

Vitamin E is one of the most easily accessible supplements on the market. It can be found at drug stores, supermarkets and health food stores. You can also purchase vitamin E supplements over the web.

If you want to buy a specific type of vitamin E, you will need to pay close attention to the ingredients. Synthesized vitamin E, also known as d-alpha-tocopherol, might not be as beneficial as pure vitamin E made from natural sources.

Can you eat vitamin E rich foods and gave a vitamin E supplement at the same time?

Vitamin E supplements are safe to take even if you are getting a sufficient amount from your regular diet. Although you don't want to go overboard, you can take additional vitamin E supplements for as long as you want to.

Having more vitamin E in your system will actually help your skin to function better. Unlike other supplements, vitamin E is easily stored and processed. You would have to take a lot of vitamin E to have a negative impact on your kidneys or any of your other internal organs.

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