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Is a trampoline good exercise?

If you are wondering if using your trampoline for exercise a beneficial thing, then the short answer is yes. This is a bit of a surprise to many people considering that a trampoline is considered more of an entertainment item than a piece of fitness equipment.

However, the reality is that using a trampoline, either in a very tactfully and deliberate way or just getting on it and horsing around, is actually very good for your body.

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Kids love to get on the trampoline and jump around and most adults, if truthful, would probably agree that it is a great form of enjoyment.

However, what many people don’t know is that a trampoline is not only fun, it has health benefits that are surprising and to a point shocking as well.

What are the benefits of exercising on a trampoline?

With so many people looking to lose weight or improve their fitness, a trampoline can do all of this and a whole lot more. In fact, it is said that spending 8 to 10 minutes just jumping around on a trampoline is the cardiovascular equivalent to running one mile. However, the benefits don’t end there.

Steady weight loss is an aspect of regular time spent on a trampoline but, in addition, it has been proven that regular activity on a trampoline can actually strengthen you heart as well as the muscles surround the heart. It has also been discovered that due to the extreme cardiovascular benefits of being on a trampoline, lung capacity is also improved.

If you have issues with coordination then the trampoline might just be the cure for what ails you. Recent studies have shown that regular activity as well as structured exercises done on a trampoline can significantly improve a person’s balance and coordination.

Lastly, trampoline exercises are often used to help people who are trying to rehabilitate after a knee injury. With the rebounding method, a person can improve the strength and condition of their injured knee without the wear and tear rebounding exercises would do on a more rigid surface.

What are some good exercises to perform on a trampoline?

At the core of every exercise done on the trampoline, jumping or bouncing is part of it. However, in some cases, more structured exercises are in order and can greatly help in losing weight, getting fit or even recovering from a lower body injury. That is not to discount the sheer enjoyment and benefit from just getting on a trampoline and jumping to your heart’s content.

For those looking at doing more structured or regimented exercises, then a good place to start is with basic knee raises. These are easy to do and it is where you slowly raise your knee to your waistline or midsection. The only difference here is you are doing this while lightly bouncing on the trampoline.

Another very simple but effective basic trampoline exercise is doing standard jumping jack. This will get the blood moving and help to increase your heart rate. Just like the knee raises, you will be doing this while either bouncing or jumping on the trampoline.

What are some precautions I should take when exercising on a trampoline?

A trampoline is an excellent way to get exercise and enjoyment at the same time, but you need to remember things like safety, warming up and having achievable goals are all necessary before you start your trampoline fitness regimen.

Like with any workout plan, warming up is vital. This will help you to maximize your workout and get the most benefits from it. It will also help you to reduce the pain you feel after a workout and most importantly, it can save you from injuring yourself.

With a trampoline, yes, you can have fun; yes, you can love and enjoy the process and; yes you can get hurt. With a trampoline, you have the potential of getting hurt very badly. So, take great care to not get too intense and be careful how high and how forceful you jump on the trampoline. Jumping to high and too hard could vault you off the trampoline. The ground, as well as the metal structure of trampolines, are not known for being forgiving.

Parents should be especially cautious. Many children break wrists and other bones on trampolines every year. Make sure all safety precautions are is place.

Lastly, remember to be realistic in your goals. Weight loss and improved fitness will come if you stick to a plan, but it doesn’t happen overnight. If you expect to see same day improvements, you are bound to be disappointed. Understand that it took a while for you to fall out of shape and it will take some time for you to get back into shape.

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