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What is a superset?

When using using our free workout plan creator or viewing any of the workout plans on our site, you will see that many of the workout plans have exercises paired together with a light blue color and surrounded by two orange lines. What exactly is a "superset", and how do they work?

The above image shows two exercises (Plank and Side Plank) highlighted with a shade of blue and surrounded by two orange lines. The arrow at the top of the image shows the legend that is available to help remind you what exactly the blue and white coloring mean (i.e. "Normal Exercise" = White, "Superset" = Blue).

The above image shows the "Superset?" column when creating a workout plan.

What does "superset" mean?

A superset (also called a "circuit") is a combination of two or more exercises where you don't complete all of the sets and reps for the first exercise and then move on to the second exercise, as is standard.

A superset is different in that you first complete all of the reps for set 1 of exercise #1, then without resting move immediately to complete all of the reps for set 1 of exercise #2 (and then set 1 of exercise #3 of the superset, if there is one, exercise #4, exercise #5, etc.). When all of the reps are completed for set 1 of all of the exercises within the superset, you rest for the designated rest time (then start on set 2 of exercise #1, set 2 of exercise #2, etc.).

How do I use the "Superset?" column when using the workout plan creator?

In the second image shown above, you can see that there are checkmark boxes available in a column with the header of "Superset?". To make a sequence of exercises part of a superset when creating a workout plan, you must check the box only if you want that exercise to be part of a superset with the exercise immediately following it (this is why there is not a checkmark box available for the last exercise in a workout).

So in the image shown above, exercise #1 and exercise #2 would be grouped together within a superset, and exercise #3 and exercise #4 would be grouped together in a superset.

Note that theoretically you could design a workout plan where there are supersets that have a rest between exercises, but technically speaking a true superset should not have any rest periods between set 1 of exercise #1 and set 1 of exercise #2, etc. but rather only have rest periods between set 1 of the last exercise in the superset and set 2 of the first exercise in the superset. Be sure and set the "Rest (minutes)" column to "None" for every exercise that has a checkmark in the "Superset?" column.

How do I log a superset in my workout?

To log two or more exercises together as a superset, click the chain link icon on the right side of the logger to connect the exercises you want into a single superset. 

Then you can add the necessary numbers of sets, reps, and weight or time and distance as necessary.

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