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What is the best exercise equipment for weight loss and building muscle?

When your goal is to lose weight and increase your lean muscle mass, you have a number of choices available when it comes to exercise equipment.

Many people wonder, "What is the best exercise equipment for weight loss and building muscle?"

The best piece of equipment is one that you are going to use regularly to help you reach your fitness goals.

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It's only natural to want to take charge of your health and try to improve your overall level of fitness.

A person can be very enthusiastic about the process, only to get off track after a short time.

They may become bored or lose their motivation when they don't see the results they are hoping to achieve instantaneously.

Plan to give yourself at least twice as long to lose the weight as it did to put it on, and keep in mind that there will be times when you are losing fat and building muscle that won't show up on the scale right away.

You may even see the number go up for a time, since muscle weighs more than fat, but just keep up your workout routine and you will see the results you are looking for eventually.

How can a treadmill help weight loss and muscle building?

One piece of exercise equipment that can help you lose weight and build muscle is the treadmill. This is a staple at gyms and fitness clubs and this piece of equipment also has the advantage of being easy to use.

Give yourself time to familiarize yourself with the console and where the emergency stop button is before you use a treadmill for the first time.

Many models offer pre-set programs so that you can vary your workout by having the machine take you on a brisk hike that includes virtual hills. Some people like to listen to music or watch television while working out, and if you are able to walk, you can use a treadmill.

For a more challenging experience, try swinging your arms as you walk or jog on the machine. You could even use wrist or ankle weights to create a more intense experience.

How can a stationary bike help weight loss and muscle building?

Another good choice when you want to lose weight and build muscle is the stationary bike. Cycling is a great way to get fit, and with this option you can do so, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Depending on the model chosen, a stationary bike can be set for a program that is as challenging as you like. Beginners can start with simply setting the timer and focusing on getting their legs moving, while more experienced riders may wish to sign up for a class where they are led through a challenging workout that includes virtual hills as well as riding on a flat piece of road.

As your level of fitness improves, you can still use the stationary bike to warm up with before using other weight machines. You can also use it for a straight cardio workout on days when you are not lifting weights to give your muscles a chance to rest and rebuild.

How can a step machine help weight loss and muscle building?

A stepper machine or elliptical trainer is probably not the right choice for people who are new to exercise. This option provides an intense workout that will burn a lot of calories. Choose this option when you have been exercising regularly for some time and you want to focus on toning the lower part of your body.

This is not a good choice for someone who has high blood pressure or who has a heart condition. A person who is living with back pain may also want to choose a different type of machine, since taking large steps on the unit can aggravate this condition. People who are not used to exercising at this level of intensity may find that their heart beat is raised very quickly and is difficult to control as a result.

If you are looking for the answer to the question of what is the best exercise equipment for weight loss and building muscle, consider your personal level of fitness first. Some machines, such as a treadmill or stationary bicycle, are better choices for people who are starting a new fitness routine. It's a good idea to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine, and be sure to ask about any restrictions that apply to you before you hit the gym.

Start by using the free Fitness Report Card and the workout plan finder to develop your ideal weight loss and muscle building routine now!