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Which orange juice has the most vitamin C?

A lot of people try to get vitamins in their diet rather than from supplements

One of the vitamins you really need to get on a daily basis is vitamin C.

While you would expect most orange juices to contain the same amount of vitamin C as the next, there are brands that contain more. 

It’s important to choose wisely when purchasing your orange juice, especially if you want to get the largest serving of vitamin C per glass.

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According to WebMD, there’s an antioxidant in orange juice that’s important for the body. 

This antioxidant is called hesperidin and it improves the function of blood vessels, which in turn can lower one’s risk of developing heart disease.

What should you look for in an orange juice?

If you’re looking for an orange juice that is packed with vitamin C, then you should look at the source: oranges. Most people don’t realize that different oranges can vary in vitamin C and some even as much as one hundred percent.

  • When looking for the best option in orange juice packed with vitamin C there are some things to keep in mind. Conventionally grown oranges don’t contain as much vitamin C as those that are organic.
  • The reason for this is that those oranges that are not organic are usually sprayed with pesticides. Most pesticides contain nitrogen, which will actually inhibit the amount of vitamin C a fruit will develop.
  • The location where an orange is grown can make a big difference in the amount of vitamin C it contains. Believe it or not, those oranges that are grown in areas with desert yield more vitamin C per serving.
  • Oranges grown in a rainy area do not contain as much vitamin C. The reason for this is the fruit’s natural defense mechanisms. Antioxidants are a part of any plant’s defense mechanism.
  • Those fruits or plants that are open to the elements have more antioxidants. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant in this process.
  • Another part of being exposed to the elements is colder environments. Oranges in particular survive best in warmer environments.
  • Those orange trees which grown in areas that have cooler nights produce more vitamin C rich fruit. These oranges can be identified easily because they have peels that are free of green pigments.

Keep in mind that the packing of orange juice makes a difference as well in terms of vitamin C content. Orange juice that is freshly squeezed will contain more vitamin C.

Frozen orange juice that is preserved in cans contains more vitamin C as well.

Which area of the world has the best oranges for orange juice?

The U.S. does produce oranges in our warmer states. The three most popular states for orange farms and plantations are Texas, Florida and California.

Many people associate Florida with orange juice, but whether or not it’s the most vitamin C rich is another case.

Out of all three states, those oranges grown in California tend to have the most vitamin C. Therefore, orange juice which is made from California oranges yields more vitamin C.

Florida takes second place, although growers might have differing opinions, in terms of vitamin C rich oranges. Texas oranges contain less vitamin C then Florida oranges and therefore are third place.

If you’re more inclined to international orange juice there are three countries that stand apart from the others. Morocco, Chile and Israel all produce oranges that tend to be rich in vitamin C.

What are the drawbacks of orange juice?

Orange juice is great in regards to balancing one’s diet. However, many nutritionist worry that consuming too much can be hard on the teeth.

It’s the sugar that most professionals in both nutrition and dentistry worry about. When it comes to teeth, sugar is the enemy.

When choosing an orange juice it’s best to choose an organic brand or one that does not use artificial sweeteners or any added sugars. Natural sugars in fruits and fruit juices are not as hard on the teeth.

In orange juice the sugar can be worrisome for the teeth, but it’s also the acidic content of the juice that poses a problem. Orange juice can lower the pH of the mouth and in turn make the teeth more susceptible to plaque.

Want to prevent plaque buildup, but also get the healthy antioxidants and vitamin C that come along with orange juice? Dilute your orange juice with water.

While diet is essential in maintaining a healthy body, exercise is as well. For those looking to incorporate diet and exercise into their daily routine it’s beneficial to have a plan before proceeding.

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