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Why is B12 prescribed for stomach cancer?

One of the main functions of vitamin B12 is that it helps the body absorb the nutrients that it needs in order to function properly.

However, when the body is affected by stomach cancer, it is difficult for the body to absorb any type of nutrients at all.

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Stomach cancer affects many people all over the world. When a person is dealing with a vitamin B12 deficiency they may be in danger of getting stomach cancer as well.

Other people that usually have a vitamin B12 deficiency are those on a strict diet, like a vegetarian or vegan. This is because they are not eating the foods that contain all the necessary nutrients.

Another type of illness that is treated with vitamin B12 is atrophic gastritis. This is typically seen in older people; in this disorder, the acids in the stomach fail to break down the foods that are rich in necessary nutrients for the body.

Another illness, pernicious anemia, also prevents the stomach from producing the right type of enzymes for the body. This is another disease linked with vitamin B12. Both of these illnesses contribute to the risks of stomach cancer.

Why does the body need vitamin B12?

The body needs vitamin B12 in order to maintain a healthy immune system and nervous system, produce red blood cells and generate the genetic code. The blood cells wouldn't get enough oxygen if vitamin B12 wasn't present in the body either. If the body has B12 deficiency, it generally means that the body is not producing enough vitamins.

Many people receive their B12 from natural foods such as eggs, milk, and other dairy products. Others also consume B12 vitamins through supplements or injections.  If the body is suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency, it can eventually lead to something called vitamin B12 anemia.

How do you replenish the body with vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a type of nutrient that can either be produced naturally through foods or can be taken as a supplement. When the body is deprived of vitamin B12, a doctor may either recommend that the patient to inject vitamin B12 into their body or take another form of a supplement to help nourish the body. If the patient has to receive injections of vitamin B12, they will more than likely administer the frequent injections themselves.

According to WebMD, another way to boost Vitamin B12 in the body is to go on a strict B12 vitamin diet. This diet will help bring the body back to normal and start absorbing vitamins and nutrients.

Dairy products and various foods such as meat and those that contain folic acids are extremely vital to help the body with Vitamin B12. Fortified cereals and leafy green vegetables as always are great to help the body to absorb nutrients.

Many people who are either following a vegan or vegetarian diet may need to take supplements of vitamin B12 often in order to maintain a healthy balance in their body. Some doctors may even recommend vitamin B12 injections for the people on a vegetarian diet because a vitamin B12 deficiency can come more easily to them. If the body is not absorbing the correct nutrients, it is best to consult a doctor.

How can you prevent a vitamin B12 deficiency?

Preventing a vitamin B12 deficiency is easy. Stay on track with the types of foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. A normal pattern of eating that includes meat, fish, leafy vegetables, etc., can help prevent Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Going on a vegetarian, vegan or strict diet which does not allow you to consume the right types of vitamins through your foods can make it tough to maintain a healthy balance.  In order to stay on track and prevent illness from attacking your body, it is best to consult either a health professional or nutritionist in order to ensure that you have the right foods in the diet.

Getting routine blood work done, along with numerous health visits is a great way to stay on top of this issue as well. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to other problems such as stomach cancer, gastritis, and other illnesses that are not easily cured. If you know you don’t have a balanced diet, talk to a doctor.

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