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Female Bodybuilders

Female bodybuilders should be applauded for their dedication, discipline, and work ethic to achieve success in what is typically thought of as a "male" arena: building lots and lots of muscle. Check out this the extreme female bodybuilder photos and stats below (guys, be forewarned, if you can't bench press 300 lbs then prepare to have your manhood challenged!) Without further ado, here are the top female bodybuilders:


HGH Facts

Read the HGH facts below and view the detailed graphic representing an inside look into the Human Growth Hormone controversy:


The Biggest Loser's Biggest Winners

The Biggest Loser is a hit show wherein people struggling with weight issues (often accompanied by emotional issues) compete to see who can lose the most weight over the course of the show's season. As it turns out, many winners regain weight after the show.

This can be anywhere from two pounds to two hundred pounds or more. If you aspire to be the next biggest loser, get a head start and try out one of our workout plans! Until then, take a look at where each season's winners in the United States edition have ended up today! 


Celebrity Diets

Celebrity quick diets are impressive BUT do they work? Learn the best celebrity diets that work fast AND the ones that you should avoid. Check out the 12 popular celebrity diet plans that are reviewed below and then be sure to browse through all of our awesome workout plans like the Jordin Sparks Workout Plan, Brad Pitt Workout Plan, Jessica Biel Workout PlanTaylor Lautner Workout Plan, Ryan Reynolds Workout Plan, and many more!


Batman vs Superman

In a match up of Batman vs Superman - who wins? We break it down for you with the line by line Batman vs Superman graphic below... Check it out and then be sure to start your own superhero training with either the Batman Workout Plan or the Superman Workout Plan!


Personal Trainers and Social Media Marketing

Social networking is an important promotional tool for everyone from politicians to celebrities to celebrity politicans (like the Governator). Well, aside from celebrity politicians, there are also personal trainers who employ social media to getthe word out about their personal training programs.

And along with them are the not-quite-celebrity personal trainers who need to get their name out there. By connecting with friends, family, colleagues, and celebrity PTs, small-time personal trainers can get quite a bit of self-promotion through social networking--if they know how to use it right. Check out the statistics and then head over to our online personal trainers for all of your custom workouts!

Don't forget to check out's TwitterFacebook,  and YouTube for everything fitness!


Weight Lifting Records

Check out this graphic of powerlifting records because even if you can't bench press or squat over 1,000 lbs it's still cool to aspire to some of these bench press records and squat records, right? Or.... at the very least it's cool to aspire to aspire to some of these world weight training records as we stretch out on our couches and pop our popcorn...


Steroids in Sports

The history of steroids in sports is long and checkered. The graphic below shows the many steroids in professional sports scandals. Read on to learn more and then be sure to stay away from steroids (check out all of these steroids side effects) and just work hard at weight training to meet your fitness goals!


Protein Supplement Guide

You can read through our protein supplement reviews until you are blue in the face but sometimes it helps to just take a gander at our comprehensive protein supplement guide before choosing which protein supplement to buy. Read on to learn all about how much protein you need and then check out our discount supplements store to compare prices and find cheap supplements!


Exercise Myths

Check out the top ten exercise myths below to see if any of your long held beliefs might be due some second guessing. Exploding exercise myths might step on some toes sometimes but let's face it - there are fitness myths, diet myths, weight loss myths, and general health myths everywhere we turn. Pick up almost any fitness magazine and you are bound to see one of these exercise science myths:


Cheap Supplements?

Cheap supplements? Can any product sold with a 300% average retail markup truly be considered cheap? Check out this expose graphic of what supplements really cost. To find the cheapest supplements online then be sure to use check out the supplements section of our site to do your homework and easily compare the prices of supplements from many different merchants side by side (GNC,, Amazon, etc.)


Celebrity Fitness Trainers

Just admit it. You can't contain your amazement at these celebrity fitness trainers. Look at those biceps! That six-pack! That hair! (Really, Tony Little--that HAIR.) It's unbelievable how fit these celebrtiy trainers are.

It's also unbelievable how all these Celebrity fitness trainer's fat-burning products, exercise equipment and workout plans are supposed to make YOU look like THAT. Sometimes hard work through diet and exercise do pay off, and sometimes supplements can help. However, sometimes they can also give you severe gastrointestinal distress and potentially irreversible damage.

After you have seen these celebrity personal trainers, take a look at our online personal trainers and have them handle all of your fitness goals! Celebrity Fitness Trainers or's Online Personal Trainers? Choose the best trainer for your needs!


Celebrity Workouts

Looking for some celebrity fitness tips? Check out these 7 celebrity workouts along with celebrity diet tips to see how celebrities lose weight! Be sure to also check out our celebrity diets feature and then browse through our tons of workout plans like the Taylor Lautner Workout, the Jessica Biel Workout, the Ryan Reynolds Workout, and many more!


HCG Diet

Learn about the HCG diet protocol, common HCG diet side effects, HCG injections, HCG drops, and if the HCG diet dangers are worth the risks. The easy to read HCG diet plan graphic below outlines all of the above plus some detailed information from HCG diet studies. Is the HCG diet right for you? Read the below HCG diet information and then no matter what you decide be sure that you are taking a balanced long term approach to eating healthy and working out (check out our workout plans if you need a place to start - because the Mayo Clinic advises that even if you lose weight with the HCG diet then you are likely to gain the weight right back after you stop!)



What exactly is BMI? How accurate is the Body Mass Index anyway? Well, check out the graphic below to find out for yourself!


Burning Calories

Learn how many calories are burned with all kinds of different exercises: walking, running, biking, swimming, etc. Find out how many calories you can burn! Check out what exercise burns the most calories by looking at the burning calories chart below:


Bodybuilding Diet

Think you know bodybuilding food? Check out the eating habits of professional bodybuilders listed here and see if your bodybuilding diet plan stacks up!


Steroid Side Effects

Learn all about steroids side effects with the graphic below. There are many types of steroids and they all carry side effects. From topical steroids side effects to oral steroids side effects there is a lot going on inside of someone that takes steroids. Did you know that there are even legal steroids side effects? Check out the graphic below and then don't let buying steroids cause you to put your health on the line and substitute a bottle of pills for good old fashioned hard work and a proper workout plan.