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Carrot Powder

Carrot Powder

  • Aid Overall Health
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Carrot Powder Overview

Carrots are widely considered one of the most healthy and beneficial foods available today. In turn, supplements made of natural Carrot Powder can play an important role in the health and well being of an individual, athlete, weightlifter, or even a show dog.

Carrot Powder is full of plenty of vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B6 and B12, vitamin C and E, as well as magnesium, iron, potassium and proteins.  

Potential Carrot Powder Side Effects

  • Abnormal Coloring Of Skin

Other Names for Carrot Powder

California Fern, Carrot Weed, Cicuta, Conium, Conium Maculata, Conium maculatum, Nebraska Fern, Poison Fool's Parsley, Poison-Hemlock, Spotted Hemlock, Tsuga, Wild Carrot

Carrot Powder Nutritional Uses

  • Allergies
  • Anemia
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Immune Health
  • Rheumatic Conditions
  • Vision Improvement

Carrot Powder History

Carrot Powder is said to have its origin go back to the country that is now Afghanistan more than 5000 years ago, as that area of the world had the greatest diversity of carrots.  In very early times, carrots were not grown and developed for their root, but instead for their aroma and for their seed.

One of the first benefits that came from carrots were that the raw, grated form could be given to children to help get rid of different kinds of worms.

In addition to the general nutritional benefit in carrots, they were also given to treat wounds, to help memory, as well as relieve stress. Today, Carrot Powder offers many of the same benefits but in an easier to access and more consumable form.

Carrot Powder Benefits

Carrot Powder has many effective and proven uses, for all individuals no matter what their condition or physical activity. Some of the most common benefits are seen with individuals who have consistent allergies, as well as rheumatism. In addition, Carrot Powder can play an important role in treating anemia.

When combined with an overall healthy foot diet, moderate exercise and proper rest, Carrot Powder can help improve vision. Carrot Powder also can treat many stomach and bowel disorders, such as diarrhea and constipation.

Carrot Powder can also be taken to assist with general illnesses, as well as to offset weakness due to a condition. Carrot Powder is also used by owners of show dogs to increase the shine in the coat.

Vitamin A is known to both improve vision and help improve the function of the body’s immune system. Carrot Powder, which has a high concentration of vitamin A, plays an important role in everyday health and wellness.

Carrot Powder Dosage

There are a couple of different ways that Carrot Powder can be incorporated into a healthy diet or nutritional supplement program.

First off, Carrot Powder is available in a capsule form and can be swallowed with water. Carrot Powder is also available in the straight powder form, and that can be either mixed with a drink such as water, or it can be added to food while cooking or preparing a meal.

Since there is no documented negative information related to taking Carrot Powder, any amount that is discussed with a doctor or other health care providers can be incorporated into a diet.

Carrot Powder Warnings

However, it is important to note that like any other supplement, the excessive consumption of anything can result in certain side effects and health issues. The FDA does not regulate Carrot Powder supplements.

In the case of Carrot Powder, consume too much or consuming in conjunction with other food that contain high amounts of carotene can lead to the eventually orange or yellowing of the skin. This occurs because the body determines there is too much carotene in the blood.

Normally, the body converts all the carotene in the system to vitamin A, but when this is not possible because of high levels of carotene, the excess is relocated. Usually, the discoloration is temporary and only in certain places like the palms and feet, but can nevertheless be unsettling.

The best way to prevent this is to monitor consumption. If a yellowing or oranging of the skin occurs, it will usually disappear after consumption of Carrot Powder is reduced.

Carrot Powder Reviews

There are some reviews for Carrot Powder available online, and the general consensus is that the product is beneficial, no matter the purpose. Individuals of all ages and genders, as well as all levels of physical activity, can benefit from Carrot Powder.

Some of the negative reviews center on taste, although not much can be changed when the Carrot Powder is 100% all natural carrot. 

Other positive reviews include the fact that Carrot Powder gives individuals the ability to incorporate carrots into their diet in an easier fashion that traditional carrot, which take a very long time to cook.

Some other comments include the fact that it is best to mix the powder with a fruit juice for an overall improved flavor over water.

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