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Croscarmellose Sodium

Croscarmellose Sodium

  • Aid Overall Health
  • Cleanse/Digestion
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Croscarmellose Sodium Overview

Croscarmellose Sodium is an ingredient added to supplements, over the counter drugs or prescription drugs so the supplement or prescription drug dissolves properly in your stomach. Croscarmellose Sodium ensures the proper absorption at the proper rate.

Croscarmellose Sodium is used in small amounts in the making of supplements and prescription drugs. There are no known side effects to Croscarmellose Sodium. However, if you suffer from Celiac’s disease, you should be aware of possible reactions to Croscarmellose Sodium. 

Potential Croscarmellose Sodium Side Effects

  • Skin Irritation
  • Eye Irritation
  • Contraindicated For Certain Medical Conditions

Other Names for Croscarmellose Sodium

Croscarmellose Sodium Nutritional Uses

  • Digestion
  • Supplement Absorption

Croscarmellose Sodium Dosage

Croscarmellose Sodium dosage varies depending on the supplement manufacturer and the supplement itself. Each supplement is designed uniquely to work as a time release. Depending on the amount of time the manufacturer wants the supplement to sit in the intestines will affect the dosage of Croscarmellose Sodium.

Croscarmellose Sodium Benefits

Croscarmellose Sodium provides many benefits to supplement absorption. Croscarmellose Sodium makes it easier on your intestines to digest the capsule, tablet, or pill.

Croscarmellose Sodium is softer than other products that are used to cause disintegration. Due to the consistency of Croscarmellose Sodium, it is gentler on your stomach than other disintegrating products.

The tablet thickness has no effect on the disintegration of the capsule, tablet, or pill. If the product is dense then it has a higher concentration of Croscarmellose Sodium which allows the intestine to break down the materials easier.

Supplements containing Croscarmellose Sodium do not swell when they come in contact with digestive juices. Studies have shown that Croscarmellose Sodium actually dissolves, enabling absorption by the body.

Croscarmellose Sodium provides a smooth texture which makes it easier to swallow the capsule, tablet, or pill. The texture of Croscarmellose Sodium also provides stability in the capsule, tablet, or pill. The texture prevents it from crumbling in your hand or mouth.

Croscarmellose Sodium and Food and Drug Regulations

Croscarmellose Sodium is manufactured from wood pulp, cotton, or corn. It is considered to be safe to ingest. In fact, Croscarmellose Sodium is an approved ingredient by the Food and Drug Administration in America.

In Europe, they have placed stricter rules on the use Croscarmellose Sodium in supplements and medications. The regulators have implemented the rule that if the Croscarmellose Sodium is derived from plants then it is an acceptable byproduct.

However, if the Croscarmellose Sodium is manufactured from “genetically modified organisms” (GMOs), the manufacturer must display the acronym GMO on the label of the product. There is a lot of controversy about the side effects of GMOs which may possibly lead to cancer.

Croscarmellose Sodium Side Effects

Side effect research, which was conducted on Croscarmellose Sodium in its powder form before it was mixed into a supplement, revealed some effects that were considered to be mild. The side effects reported were skin and eye sensitivity upon contact.

Allergic reactions to Croscarmellose Sodium are extremely rare. However, there was one reported incident where the patient was taking a prescription drug and began having heart failure. The physicians determined that she was having a reaction to the Croscarmellose Sodium in the prescription medication.

If you suffer from Celiac’s disease, you should contact the manufacturer of the supplement to verify how the Croscarmellose Sodium was processed. For instance, if it was developed from wood or cotton, then it contains no sugar or starch which is safe for individuals suffering from Celiac’s to ingest.

However, if the Croscarmellose Sodium is processed from corn or wheat it may contain flour which is not safe for individuals who suffer from Celiac’s disease.  Symptoms of an allergic reaction to Croscarmellose Sodium for individuals who cannot have gluten include: diarrhea, bloating, and severe stomach pain.

Drug and supplement companies may claim a product is gluten free but they are probably not performing tests on each individual ingredient. They would have to know for a fact how their suppliers manufactured entire supplement from start to finish, or they cannot guarantee that it is gluten free.

You should always check with a health care professional before taking any supplements, over the counter drugs, or prescription medication.

Croscarmellose Sodium Products

Croscarmellose Sodium cannot be purchased as a supplement alone. However, it is a vital ingredient in many supplements that will help build muscle mass, burn fat, and provide energy.

For instance, products like PolythermeX, Optimum Opti-Men, and Muscle Synergy all contain Croscarmellose Sodium to ensure proper time release of the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Croscarmellose Sodium Manufacturers

Croscarmellose Sodium was first manufactured to be used in medicine for horses.

Today, suppliers sell Croscarmellose Sodium to nutritional companies, pharmaceutical companies, and even food manufacturers all over the world.

If you are looking for nutritional supplements that contain Croscarmellose Sodium, use the supplemental finder now!

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