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  • Lose Weight
  • Burn Fat
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R-ALA Overview

The R-ALA supplement has been shown through studies to aid in the production of ATP and help the body consume readily available energy for increased muscle performance. R-ALA assists in anaerobic metabolic processes in which the body converts food into energy. The energy that is produced is then used immediately instead of being stored as fat cells. The increased usable energy is then able to induce weight loss because the body stores fewer fat cells and in turn uses the food to fuel the muscle growth.   

The R-ALA supplement stands for Alpha Lipoic Acid, and the R is designated in the name because there are two different types that exist. S-ALA is a synthetic form of ALA and is a considerably less potent partner than its natural counterpart, R-ALA. Anytime you buy ALA in a health food store you are actually getting a 50/50 of R-ALA and S-ALA. You will only receive 100% R-ALA if you specifically look for it on the bottle – however, it may be easier to just ask for it directly.

Potential R Ala Side Effects

  • Insomnia
  • Upset Stomach
  • Nausea
  • Decrease Blood-Sugar Levels

Other Names for R Ala

Acetate Replacing Factor, A-Lipoic Acid, Acide Alpha-Lipoïque, Acide DL-Alpha-Lipoïque, Acido Alfa Lipoico, Alpha-Lipoic Acid Extract, ALA, Biletan, Lipoic Acid, Lipoicin, R-ALA, R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid R, S-Alpha Lipoic Acid, (R)-Lipoic Acid, R-Lipoic Acid, RS-Alpha-Lipoic Acid Thioctacid, Thioctan, Thioctic Acid, 1,2-dithiolane-3-pentanoic acid, 1,2-dithiolane-3-valeric acid, 6,8-dithiooctanoic acid, 6,8-thioctic acid, 5-(1,2-dithiolan-3-yl) valeric acid

R Ala Nutritional Uses

  • Alertness
  • Brain Function
  • Burn Fat
  • Cell Health
  • Energy
  • Muscle Function
  • Weight Loss

R-ALA Benefits

The R-ALA supplement has been reported to help with brain function and people have reported that it gives them an increase sense of awareness. They have also reported feeling more energy in the start of their day when they take a pill in the morning. Weight trainers get a “pumped” feeling as they work out with the supplement.  Lipoic Acid is helpful to diabetics and R-ALA may help some people manage their diabetes better.

R-ALA has been found to help people lose weight in some studies than people who were not taking the supplement. This supplement also could help with the aging process because of its ability to react to certain proteins in the body. R-ALA helps lower the rate of glycation which in turn lowers the glucose that cells take in. Studies have shown that a decrease in glucose can help keep cells healthier over time. 

R-ALA Side Effects

There have been no reported serious side-effects of R-ALA supplements in humans or in animals. Higher doses can have an increase for mild nausea, upset stomach and in some cases, insomnia. R-ALA is found in the body naturally and so there is no real reason why it should be feared for having long term effects on the body if taken for a short period of time. R-ALA does mimic some parts of insulin and can decrease blood-sugar levels for a short period of time.

R-ALA will decrease your appetite for sweets because of the way it controls the blood-sugar levels. After you stop taking R-ALA you can expect a decrease in energy and possible weight gain. You may also lose that “pumped” feeling when you are working out when you stop taking R-ALA.

R-ALA Supplemental Considerations

If you decide to start taking the R-ALA supplement you should know that the compound works better in a pill form than powder. This supplement has a shorter shelf life when it is exposed to the environment for any periods of time. Variables like sunlight, moisture, and heat can have detrimental effects on the supplement. The powder form of R-ALA has a larger surface area than the pills, which makes it more susceptible to the adverse effects of the environment.

You should steer away from products that combine R-ALA with creatine. Creatine will degrade the potency of R-ALA and make it useless in a matter of hours. Any products that use creatine with R-ALA are simply using a marketing ploy to coax money out of consumers. You can use R-ALA with creatine, but not in a premixed powder – only in a pill form.

R-ALA Dosage

Some people have used as much as 600mg a day of R-ALA. However, this dosage is only intended for those that constantly use energy to build muscles – for instance, a body builder would benefit from this high of a dose.

If you are just beginning to incorporate an R-ALA supplement into your diet you should start with approximately 60-100mg per day. Any increase in dosage should be accompanied by an increase in your daily food intake as well. If you want to stop using R-ALA you should lower your dosage steadily over time until you get to the 60-100mg per day range.

In order for the R-ALA supplement to work properly it needs to be taken with food – if there is not any food in your body it will not produce enough energy to fuel muscle growth. There is no reason to increase the dose any higher than 600mg because the body does not react any differently to higher dosages – for instance, you will receive the same benefit from the supplement by taking 1500mg per day as you would with only 600mg. Use the free supplement finder to compare R-ALA supplements right now!

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