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Rauwolscine Overview

Rauwolscine is an alkaloid found in certain plants. It is directly related to yohimbine, which is a substance used to increase adrenaline levels and used for weight loss. A current claim about Rauwolscine is that it is a stronger form of yohimbine. 

Rauwolscine is relatively new on the supplement scene. It is currently being billed as a weight loss product and is typically sold as an ingredient in a formula in weight loss supplements.

Only a few studies have been conducted on Rauwolscine. None were conclusive and none were conducted on human beings. Instead, cat and dog studies were conducted and the hypothesis was that it could benefit the heart.  

Potential Rauwolscine Side Effects

  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Jitters
  • Anxiousness

Other Names for Rauwolscine

Rauwolscine (Rauvolfia Canescens L. [Leaf And Root])

Rauwolscine Nutritional Uses

  • Weight Loss

Rauwolscine as an Adrenoceptor Antagonist

When you go on bodybuilding and supplement websites, you will see the term adrenoceptor antagonist thrown around a lot. For those of you who are new to the scene or never had the time to look up these terms, an adrenoceptor antagonist is a alkaloid that stimulates the adrenaline in the body.

If you are an athlete, you can probably immediately see the benefit of an adrenoceptor antagonist in a supplement. After all, if your adrenaline increases, then you are able to exercise harder and longer than ever before.

There are several adrenoceptor antagonist products on the market. However, Rauwolscine is being marketed as the next big thing. Whether or not it works cannot be proven scientifically, so it will really be up to you to try it and find out for yourself.

Rauwolscine Myths

There are a couple of myths that surround Rauwolscine. The first one is that it can increase testosterone levels. This is simply not true.

Although there are only a few products that make this claim about Rauwolscine, it is important that you don’t take Rauwolscine based products for this purpose. You will be disappointed.

Another myth surrounding Rauwolscine is that it can prevent and even cure erectile dysfunction. Again, this just isn’t true.

There are some men who do react sexually to the increased adrenaline in their bodies. This varies from person to person, and is more about the man rather than the product that he is using.

Lastly, there is some suggestion that Rauwolscine can be beneficial for the heart. Unfortunately, studies that have been conducted using Rauwolscine don’t bear this out.

There have been no human studies using Rauwolscine, only animal studies. You don’t want to pin your hopes on an untested supplement if you have heart problems!  These supplements are not regulated or approved by the FDA.

A major reason that Rauwolscine is thought to be good for the heart is the plant from which it is derived. The Rauvolfia serpentine has been used for medicinal purposes for some time with some success. However, the side effects are untenable and medicines using Rauvolifa serpentine have been banned in the United States.

Rauwolscine Side Effects

The good news is that there are no known side effects from using Rauwolscine, other than what some users have reported in reviews. The bad news is that there isn’t enough information to determine if this is because it is really safe or if it is because there are no medically related known side effects. 

Some users of Rauwolscine claim that they did have some side effects when using it. These side effects are fairly typical for a high level of adrenaline and include:

  • Jitters
  • Racing heart
  • A feeling of anxiousness
  • General feeling of being unwell

The plant that Rauwolscine is derived from has psychological side effects when ingested. This type of side effect may or may not be experienced by users of Rauwolscine. Again, there isn’t enough information to say for sure.

Rauwolscine Interactions

Little is known about Rauwolscine. It is important that if you are taking any medications or you have any health problems, that you discuss taking Rauwolscine supplements with your doctor before trying them.

Rauwolscine is not recommended for women who are nursing or who are pregnant. Rauwolscine may adversely affect the baby.

Rauwolscine in the Marketplace

You will find that there are about 10 to 12 unique products on the market that contain Rauwolscine. The claims for Rauwolscine vary from losing weight to boosting energy as well as a sexual stimulant and testosterone booster.

The cost of Rauwolscine ranges between $20 and $125. This depends on the brand and the quantity of capsules in the product that you choose. Comparing cost is an excellent way to get Rauwolscine at a lower price so that you can try it without breaking the bank.

Try the supplement finder to compare Rauwolscine with other weight loss products.

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