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20 Rep Squat Workout Plan
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20 Rep Squat Workout Plan

4 Weeks / 1 Days per Week / Intermediate
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20 Rep Squat Workout

What is a superset?
normal exercise superset
Exercise Sets/Distance Reps/Time Rest (min)
1 20 None
1 20 01:00
Pull-Up   Video icon
3 15 01:00
3 20 01:00
3 50 01:00

Workout Notes:

Do 2-3 warm up sets of squats to get your muscles and joints loose before starting.

The way this workout works is that you are going to put around 70% of your max on the squat bar. You are going to take a couple big mouthfuls of air before each squat and then hold your breath as you squat down and come back up. The only time you breathe is between reps. It should take 3-4 minutes to complete all 20 reps on the squats.

Immediately after you have finished the squats you are going to take a light weight around 25 lbs and you are going to do Pullovers. You are going to use the same technique and only breathe in between reps. Hold your breathe as you lower the weight over your head and feel your rib cage expand and stretch.

This workout is meant to be done 3 times a week and every workout you are going to add 5 lbs to your squat. You should not wear a weight lifting belt for this workout and you should squat all the way down so that your knees are past a 90 degree angle.

For the last 3 exercises you are going to do as many reps as you can, rest for a minute, and then go on to the next exercise. The repetitions listed are just good numbers to aim for when doing your max. Try to go up in repetitions every workout.

This workout, also known as the Squats and Milk program, is going to require you to eat a ton of food and protein if you really wanna see the gains. The goal is to drink at least one gallon of milk a day. It is important to follow a strict diet and make sure that you are taking in enough calories and good fuel for your muscles to recover, rebuild, and grow bigger.

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Workout 1

Muscles front back Calves blue Lowerback blue Glutes blue Hamstrings blue Chest blue Shoulders blue Biceps blue Middleback blue Abs blue Triceps blue Quads orange Triceps orange Lats orange Abs orange
344 people started this plan
almost 3 years ago #

great workout for leg strenght but not enought upper body exercises

1 Review
  • HN_Doyle
    almost 3 years ago #

    great workout for leg strenght but not enought upper body exercises