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M100 Workout Plan
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M100 Workout Plan

4 Weeks / 1 Days per Week / Intermediate
  • Get Ripped
  • Get Toned
  • Improve Cardio
  • Lose Weight
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A.C.E. Certified
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Mandatory 100 Workout

What is a superset?
normal exercise superset
Exercise Sets/Distance Reps/Time Rest (min)
Burpee   Video icon
10 10 None
10 10 None
10 10 None

Workout Notes:

This workout shouldn't take you very long to complete but will burn incredible amounts of calories and help you tone your body. The reason it is called "Mandatory 100" is because you are required to get 100 repetitions of each exercise before stopping.

You may not be able to do all 100 when first starting, so just do your best and try to push yourself. This workout can be added to another weight lifting workout or be done by itself.

The way that you are going to perform the workout is to do 10 repetitions per exercises and rotate through the 3 exercises until you have gone through each exercise 10 times (i.e. Burpee 10 reps, Mountain Climber 10 reps, Jump Squat 10 reps, ...then start again with Burpees). Once you have gone through each exercise 10 times (in order) you will have completed all 100 repetitions for each exercise.

  • Muscles Worked
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Primary Muscles Secondary Muscles

Workout 1

Muscles front back Chest blue Quads blue Calves blue Triceps blue Lowerback blue Hamstrings blue Abs blue Forearms blue Glutes blue Hipflexors blue Middleback blue Shoulders blue Abs orange Quads orange
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