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Starting Strength Workout
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Starting Strength Workout

30 Days / 3 Days per Week / Intermediate
  • Gain Strength
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A.C.E. Certified
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Starting Strength "A" Workout

Exercise Sets/Distance Reps/Time Rest (min)
Squat   Video icon
3 5 1.5
3 5 1.0
1 5 1.5
2 8 1.0


If it is too easy to do the dips with only your bodyweight you can add weight. The workout requires that you lift 3 days a week. This means that you are going to alternate between workout "A" and "B" every workout.

The starting strength workout is designed to give you raw strength. This workout is not going to include any assistance/isolation exercises (bicep curls, shoulder raises, etc). The four exercises in each workout are called compound lifts. That means that they require more then just one muscle group to do the exercise. Stick to the plan and trust this workout, don't add anymore to it (you can add ab exercises; hanging leg raises and weighted sit ups are recommended).

Starting Strength "B" Workout

Exercise Sets/Distance Reps/Time Rest (min)
Squat   Video icon
3 5 1.5
3 5 1.0
3 5 1.5
Chin-Up   Video icon
3 8 1.0


Because the reps are going to stay the same throughout the four week program you are going to try and go up in weight each week. Try to go up about 5-10 lbs each week. Don't compromise your form to lift heavy though. Focus on form and build a foundation that you can really see big gains on later down the road.

Do the same weight for all 3 sets. Figure out a good weight and push yourself to get all the reps. Lifting with a spotter will allow you to push yourself and really see strength gains. Always warm up before starting. You can do this by doing a few warm up sets on the exercise you are going to start with, you do not need to do warm up sets for each exercise.

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Primary Muscles Secondary Muscles

Workout 1

Muscles front back Shoulders blue Triceps blue Calves blue Lowerback blue Glutes blue Hamstrings blue Hipflexors blue Traps blue Forearms blue Quads blue Middleback blue Chest orange Quads orange Hamstrings orange
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