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SWAT Workout Plan
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SWAT Workout Plan

4 Weeks / 3 Days per Week / Intermediate
  • Gain Strength
  • Improve Cardio
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A.C.E. Certified
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SWAT "Really Unholy 150" Workout

What is a superset?
normal exercise superset
Exercise Sets/Distance Reps/Time Rest (min)
Push-Up   Video icon
5 20 None
Pull-Up   Video icon
5 10 None
3 10 01:00
3 10 01:00


The normal workout is called the "Unholy 100" and the way that it works is to do as many push-ups as you can and then do as many pull-ups as you can, rotating back and forth until you reach a hundred total reps. The problem with this is that most people that are in even descent shape can do 25-40 push ups in a row. This means that you are hardly going to do any pull ups.

For this workout you are going to do a total of 100 push ups while also doing 50 pull ups, rotating back and forth. You can mix up your grip on the pull ups however you want and if you need to take a break you can (try to do it with as few breaks as possible). We will call this workout "The Really Unholy 150."

SWAT Legs Workout

Exercise Sets/Distance Reps/Time Rest (min)
5 20,12,10,8,6 01:00
3 10 01:00
3 20 01:00


This legs workout is designed to add some serious muscle mass and strength to your legs. When doing the leg press make sure that you are using a weight that is challenging, but that you are able to get the amount of reps for that set. Every week you should be going up in weight.

Dumbbell lunge is total reps so when you do the lunges you are going to do 10 for each leg.

SWAT Upper Body Workout

What is a superset?
normal exercise superset
Exercise Sets/Distance Reps/Time Rest (min)
5 12,12,10,10,10 01:00
3 10 01:00
3 12 01:00
3 10 01:00
3 10 01:00
2 10 None
2 10 01:00
3 10,8,8 01:00


The SWAT upper body workout is designed to help give you that massive chest, shoulders, and back. In order for you to see the results that you want you need to make sure that you are pushing yourself.

The repetitions are not going to change from week to week but your weight should continually be going up. USE A SPOTTER. This will allow you to go for a heavy weight that you might not have had the guts to go for on your own. Have your spotter help you get all your repetitions for that set and adjust the weight the next time if it is too easy or hard.

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Workout 1

Muscles front back Shoulders blue Abs blue Triceps blue Forearms blue Biceps blue Middleback blue Chest orange Biceps orange Lats orange
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